AKC Compliance Report

The AKC is the only purebred registry in the United States with an ongoing routine kennel inspection Program. Here at Robins Royal Pomeranian’s we care for every Pomeranian like they are family and they live IN our home just like your own pet would. Because that is what they are “family” no outside kennels or non loving breeding programs. We are a small home breeder only producing top quality Pomeranian’s with the upmost care and diligence to better the breed and to sustain quality and not quantity in the Pomeranian breed.

The Compliance division works to protect the integrity of the AKC registry. Our Pomeranian’s are 100% maintained in the best manner possible and in a loving and caring social environment.

If you are interested in one of our Pomeranian’s feel free to contact us and set up a home visit to see how happy and comfortable they live in our home. Here at Robins Royal Pomeranian’s our Pomeranian’s are treated as just that Royalty.